Sayem Hossain
Computer Programmer/ Software Developer (Pretending to be Fullstack)
Creating something out of nowhere is always attractive. Making a dumb machine work according to your own instructions is very pleasant to watch and feel.
I’ve been experiencing this feeling for more than five years, instructing machines primarily with Java and some other languages.
Having 5+ years of experience in coding in official/unofficial projects, I’m quite confident that I’d be a better candidate for your requirements. I’ve been very passionate during my career as a Software Engineer, always felt like home when I started writing code.
I always like sharing my portfolio link, because it feels good showing off my works and creations:

I’ve Founded –

  •, a map based home renting and home searching platform for flat owners/landlords and people who need a place to live. 
  •, an astonishing platform for developers and companies to share their revenue among their users. Has developed some open source android api’s and custom views, that you’ll find in my GitHub profile.

I love working with new technologies, though always feel like home in Java. But lot of cool things to explore. Worked with Spring Boot, Angular 2 and Laravel for web applications, but going to explore machine learning world pretty soon.

I’m a big fan of the Speed force, from the DC multiverse. And of course watch a lot of movies and TV series. But programming is really the thing that powers me up!


Interested to see some of my works? Here’s my portfolio again.

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