The Savior: Plot for a science fiction movie

William Russel, the private investigator and the protagonist, found a clue for his next
investigation, when he was assigned to a task by his client Elena MacGyver, to find out the
mysterious reason for her brothers death.

The investigation brought out a conspiracy to light, to control the humanity with the
development of a lethal weapon. A very secret organization, lead by top billionaires is
developing a secret weapon that can destroy the humanity.

Of course no one believed Will, considering it as a conspiracy theory. To unveil the
conspiracy and desire the save freedom of the humanity, Will continues the investigation only
to find out himself as character of a simulation, by a research team who are trying to find out
a vaccine for a mysterious virus that unleashed a year earlier, in the real world, by the exact
team who created the virus in the first place.

The specific mutation of the virus was meant to develop to prevent infection from
Mosquito bites and grow protection against Malaria and other diseases. But the accidental
infection of a scientist who was the member of the team and also had cancer yet to diagnosed
on his body, caused the variation of the virus to mutate incredibly and become infectious to

This version of the mutation disables high motor functions of the brain and drives the
host unconscious and only to scavenge for food and animalistic survival instinct. Basically
become living dead.

Now the impossible mission for Russel to find out a child called Emma who is immune to the
virus with some clue and lots of dangers and infected people outside.

After a lot of investigation and cinematic actions with the antagonist cartel, who were
trying to develop a better version of the virus, so that they can use it to control neural signals
of human brain, William Russel recovered Emma and brought to Elena MacGyver, the head
of the vaccine research unit.

Wait, wasn’t she (Elena) the person who assigned the investigation job in the first place,
on the simulation? How’s she real?

Turns out, he never got out of the simulation and he was training the immune system to
fight the virus all along, resulting antibodies to be developed on host body. There was
thousands of unsuccessful simulation before it was successful. The Antagonist cartel is meant
to be the virus trying to evolve using potential human antibody (Emma) for the virus as a

When he got out the simulation, ten years have already been passed, and the survivors
in the world is ready to celebrate the redemption with him.

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