Integrating BoostMyRevenue sdk on your android app

With BoostMyRevenue, you can share a percentage of your revenue among your users! By simply logging their interactions.

If you want to distribute your revenues/earnings among your users according to their interactions and usage of your app, then this api does just that for you.

You can find a test implementation project here
You can take a look at this utility gist for logging.You may want to modify and use it. here
For push notification tutorial click here

Add BoostMyRevenue to your project

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }
dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.sayemkcn:BoostMyRevenue:v1.9.0'


You have to register our website to get client_id and client_secret for your app

Register Here

Click ‘Show’ button to copy your client id and secret.

Alt text

Initialize BoostMyRevenue

    // On your MainActivity
    SMR.initialize(getApplicationContext(), "client_id", "client_secret");

Get User info and set user

    SMR.setUser(this, "John Doe"); // Will take the device primary email address to create account

    // Or, if users email address is verified by you, you can set it yourself
    // !IMPORTANT! Please remember to verify email address if you use this method. Otherwise your user can register with any email address. It's what you want to forbid,right?
    SMR.setUser(this, "John Doe", "[email protected]");

Now you just have to log user interactions

Before logging user interactions, be sure to take storage permission from user. We use storage to provide offline logging capabilities.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />

You may need runtime permissions on android version higher than marshmallow.

Create Events

    EventFactory.getInstance().createEvent(Event.Type.USER_EVENT, "event_code", "event_tag", Event.Weight.NORMAL); // returns an event instance too.

You can create as much events as you want for future use. All of the events will be registered to EventRegistry.

You can find any specific event by tag or event code. (You should always get events from the registry instead of creating one every time)

    Event e = EventRegistry.getInstance().getEventByTag("event_tag");

Log User Interactions

    SMR.logOnline(MainActivity.this, e);

##View for users to see earnings, send payment requests

Just add this view anywhere you want. That’s it.


        app:title="Your App Name" />

Whoolala you’re a sperstar now!!! But it’s not all over yet, We’ve a dashboard for you on our Website to manage your users, Share your revenues, resolving payment requests and so on!

Access your data anytime

Base URL:

Get access token

Endpoint: /oauth/token

grant_type:string (`password`,'refresh_token') ->required,
client_id:string ->required,
client_secret:string ->required,
username:string ->required,
password:string ->required

You’ll get an access token and a refresh token here. Use this access_token to access your resources.

Events Api

Endpoint: /api/v1/events
Method: GET,

access_token:string ->required

Payment Requests Api

Endpoint: /api/v1/payments/requests/{client_id}
Method: GET,

access_token:string ->required

Users Api

Endpoint: /api/v1/users
Method: GET,`

access_token:string ->required

Earnings Api (For single user)

Endpoint: /api/v1/users/{userid}/rev
Method: GET,

month:string->required (january,february...),
access_token:string ->required

Transactions Api (For single user)

Endpoint: /api/v1/transactions/{userid}
Method: GET,

access_token:string ->required

If you find any trouble integrating our api, Please contact me by email at any time. I’m looking forward to help you with my best efforts.

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