BoostMyRevenue— Web Dashboard, Web Api and Android SDK


  • BoostMyRevenue is a Service/Api for the software developers to distribute a percentage of their revenue among their users.
    • Enables software developers to share a percentage of their revenues among their users.
    • Collects user interactions and calculate their earnings by their interaction points.
    • Display analytical data and user trends to the developers/companies.
    • Encouraging end users to use a specific app that uses BoostMyRevenue service without encouraging them from clicking ads.]
    • Promoting new BoostMyRevenue integrated apps to our existing users through push notifications.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Designed, developed and deployed the backend web service to calculate user interactions,earnings and transaction management.
    • Developed Android SDK for developers to integrate boostmyrevenue to their system..
    • Developed a front-end admin panel for the developers to manage users, their interactions and analytical data, earnings and sharing their revenue.
  • Used Technologies: 
    • Angular 7, Spring Web Stack, Angular 2, Android SDK

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