Redis as Token Store Spring Boot Oauth2


In this article we’ll use redis as token store instead of in memory token store.

1. Dependency

Add redis dependency on pom.xml


2. Configuration Properties

Add redis configuration properties on file

3. Create a bean

Create a bean in any class that has @Configuration in it.

    public TokenStore redisTokenStore() {
        return new RedisTokenStore(redisConnectionFactory);

You’ll have to @Autowire¬†RedisConnectionFactory on that class. Spring will automatically inject RedisConnectionFactory bean.

4. Register Redis as TokenStore

In your class that extends AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter , register redis as your tokenstore

    public void configure(AuthorizationServerEndpointsConfigurer endpoints) throws Exception {
                .allowedTokenEndpointRequestMethods(HttpMethod.GET, HttpMethod.POST)
                .tokenStore(redisTokenStore()) // registering redisTokenStore bean
                .tokenEnhancer(new CustomTokenEnhancer());

5. Install redis on your machine

Now install redis on your server/local machine

sudo apt-get install redis-server

To test if redis is installed successfully, open Terminal and enter


Now if you send a command ping you’ll get PONG in reply. That’s how you know redis is installed successfully.




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